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Join Wikala’s rapidly growing marketplace and sell your CBD products to thousands of new users every month. Our eCommerce platform is packed with features designed to maximize your sales, optimize the shopping experience, and to help you grow your customer base.

We’ll funnel the
customers to you.

And you do what you do best — sell. The seller’s platform is easy to use, you can add new products individually or in batches, and it is easy to create eye-catching listings to attract buyers.

Fully optimized cart.
High conversion rate.

We worked relentlessly on our user experience design. The end result is that we streamlined the whole checkout process to the point where our website-wide conversion rate is at 4%, with low cart abandonment rates.

Low fees, high smiles

With a transaction fee of only 15%, and without any monthly membership or product listing fees, Wikala offers you the opportunity to bring smiles to hundreds of new faces and make a profit doing it. Signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Safe, simple and transparent

15% per transaction

No monthly fees

No product listing fees

No hidden costs

Listings are active for as long as you want.
You can stop selling and close your account at anytime.

The transaction fees are calculated automatically and charged from your credit card once a week or once a month.

Sell on Wikala

Safe, simple and transparent

  • Signup and create your Wikala Store Manager account.
  • Our staff will review your application.
  • If approved, you’ll get a link to your shop backend.
  • From there, just add your products.
  • Add the shipping information.
  • And you’re ready to start processing orders.
  • When you ship an order, send a quick email to the customer.
  • And that’s all there is to it.

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Seller FAQ

What can I sell on Wikala?

Wikala is a marketplace for selling CBD products.

What is the transaction fee for sales on Wikala/Bloomgroove?

The Wikala transaction fee is a low 15% per sale. The transaction fee is charged on the sale price (including the shipping cost.) The 15% fee applies to all of your listings on Wikala.

How do buyers send payments?

Purchases are made through our secure Wikala payment system - as a Wikala seller, you don’t have to worry about working with payment processors or managing credit card transactions - you can just focus on growing your business.

How do I get paid?

Your store revenue is automatically posted to your bank account after each sale/at the end of each week.

Who can I sell to?

Wikala sellers can sell to customers in all 50 states.

What information do I need to provide to sign up as a seller?

Sellers need to provide their legal name, their business address, a credit card and credit card billing details, and a bank account for deposits.

How do I open a new Wikala store?

Setting up your Wikala store is a simple process - create a Wikala account, read our Seller Policy agreement, choose your Wikala store name, set up your credit card billing method, set up your bank account deposit method, and provide confirmation of your identity (a scan of government issued photo ID), and confirm your state or province of tax residency.

What are the rules for selling on Wikala?

All products sold on Wikala must have a lab report from an accredited facility confirming the ingredients/CBD percentage.

Seller vetting?

New sellers must be approved by our team before listings are live. We will send you confirmation once the account is approved. This takes about 48 hours.

Are there item listing fees on Wikala?


Is there a maximum number of listings permitted per seller?